Testimonials from our clients …

Elizabeth is an incredible coach and has superseded all expectations I had for our sessions. Masterfully, Elizabeth has walked with me over the past few months through good times and bad giving me strength and guidance, space and time to think and reflect.

I started with resistance and cynicism to this experience; I finish with a positive, happy time & am a nicer person for it. Thank you David for helping me find myself, I thought I’d lost me years ago.

Elizabeth is calm and secure and she has much to offer learned from her own experiences and of putting these ideas into practice in her own life and her emotional intelligence and sensitivity is highly developed too.

David gave me the tools to fix things and more importantly to know that I am allowed to be happy. I’m no longer at war with myself and the world.

Up to now, about 6 months after our sessions finished, I still recall what we have done and talked about during the sessions now and then. And every time I thought of those, I can’t stop saying to myself “what a great journey I have had with my coach”, I have never been so strong and free in my life.

David helped me to respect myself, to feel thankful for what I have and that I am important.

Elizabeth can read between the lines and ask the right questions at the right times. She is capable of revealing the hidden reasons of our inconsistencies between what we say we want to do and we what we do.

David was tremendous. He connected with my issues immediately and I have taken away a better understanding of my situation by looking in depth at reasons for it and ways to manage the negative effects it has had on my life. He paints a very clear picture and gives a clear understanding of how to progress.